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Werkman Ortho-Kit 1.0


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Werkman Ortho-Kit
June 2013 saw the launch of a comprehensive scientific
study on the subject of shoeing, funded by the Werkman Horseshoes company and
led by Dr. Jenny Hagen.
The study focused on the impact of various horseshoes
and shoeing modifications, taking into account diverse soil types, on the
distribution pattern of the vertical compressive forces exerted on the hoof, the
size of the load-bearing area, the foot roll and the gait, the orientation of
the phalanges.
The results of this study were used for the development of the
Werkman Ortho-Kit.
The Werkman Ortho-Kit provides you with an effective and
straightforward means to turn Werkman horseshoes into various therapeutic
The Werkman Ortho Kit 1.0 contains 2 each, small medium and large, Lat Extension,, Wide Toe, , Heart Bar, Straight Bar Performance and Egg Bar

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