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3rd Millennium Graduated Frog Support Pad

3rd Millennium Graduated Frog Support Pad


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The 3rd Millennium NEW graduated sandwich pad is a 1.5 degree full frog support pad + a 1.5 degree rim pad with frog attachment that integrate together.
The low friction urethane allows the heels to flex across the pad under load very easily resulting in much less heel abrasion.
The partial off-loading of the heels by the frog support also assists in reduction of
impaction and compaction thereby reducing heel trauma.
For those horses with low heels and a prolapsed frog the pad features a pocket in the moulding that facilitates fitting around the frog to maintain some clearance, so that it is not preloaded as fitted. Then use a urethane or DIM filler to precisely load the frog.
You will soon see increased heel retention and will then be able to reassess the HPA. Dispensing the rim wedge and transitioning to 1.5 degree frog support allows the hoof to be realigned in smaller incremental progressive stages.
Next step, the flat frog support pad.
The graduated branches can also be used for fine tuning the horses media-lateral balance by thinning either of the sections on a linishing machine.

Small 4 3/4″ Medium 5 3/4” Large 6 3/4”

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